I had the opportunity to address a petition submitted to Parliament by a Calwell constituent and signed by 5,620 Australians. I was also able to acknowledge Marco Magic, who experiences neuroblastoma and was the catalyst for this petition. Marco will be heading to the United States to undertake life-saving clinical trials, I wish him the best of luck.


As the member for Calwell, an electorate with one of the largest Muslim communities in Australia I have spoken many times about my culturally diverse multifaith electorate and I've spoken about the aspirations and tribulations of both the established and emerging migrant and refugee communities who live in my electorate.

I had the opportunity to speak about all the successful school in the latest round of the Local Schools Community Fund, who received funds to build and purchase infrastructure, and develop learning programs.


I had the opportunity to formally congratulate Mount Ridley College year 12 student Dean Ieremia for being awarded the inaugural Arthur Calwell Rising Star Award - an award recognising significant progress and early achievement in a student's professional or community field of endeavour.

I had the opportunity to speak about International Greek Day, acknowledging the history of the Greek language and its proud presence within a multicultural Australia.

I talked in Parliament about the annual presentation night of the Upfield Soccer Club. I took to the floor, as I do each year, with Club President Wally Hanna, Club Manager Hani Pito and special guest Hakeem Al-Araibi, to hand out trophies to our players.

I had the opportunity to offer my condolences to all those who have lost loved ones in this devestating sason of bushfires. I also took the time to thank the local Sikh community, with more than 70 volunteers from the community collecting packages of food, materials, and donations for affected communities in eastern and northeastern Victoria.

I spoke in Parliament this week on brain health and the great work being done at the Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne's west, which services a number of my constituents.

Professor Tissa Wijeratne, who is the chair of World Brain Day and heads up the Department of Neurology at Sunshine Hospital, hopes and aims to see the western suburbs of Melbourne become the nation's capital for migraine research, with the establishment of a national centre of excellence in the heart of the Melbourne's west.