I spoke in parliament on the events I attended that marked the 76th anniversary of the Battle of Crete and Greek campaign of World War II.

I expressed my sincere condolences to the family of Zynab Al Harbiya – the 12-year-old Australian who was killed in Iraq while visiting her sick grandfather - in Federal Parliament.

My constituents of Calwell are everyday Australians looking for a 'fair go'. The budget’s across the board tax increases to fund Medicare and NDIS and its $65 billion dollar corporate tax cuts at the expense of cuts to education through a 22 billion dollar cut to schools, hikes in university fees and cuts to TAFE and apprenticeships is hardly a vote of confidence for the ordinary people in my electorate.

It was a great honour to cut the ribbon and officially open the Tanderrum Gardens at Keilor Downs College. The beautiful new garden has been created as a quiet place for students who want to spend their time doing something peaceful like reading, talking with friends, playing chess or just sitting in the sun.

All new migrants to a country want to hit the ground running from the moment they get here and being able to communicate is central to being able to do that. That's why I spoke in parliament about the Adult Migrant English Program which gives new migrants and refugees to Australia a chance to do just that.

The Address in Reply I gave in Federal Parliament was an opportunity for me to thank the voters in my electorate of Calwell for electing me once again as their Federal Member of Parliament. It was a chance to also thank the wonderful and vibrant communities I have in my electorate, and to thank those who have supported me throughout the election and beyond.

My constituents of Calwell reject the Turnbull Government's attack on Medicare.

My constituents want this government to drop its savage health cuts. They want this government to begin investing in the future of our healthcare system - a healthcare system that provides access to the best quality healthcare and medical services for all Australians regardless of their socio-economic status.

We have over recent years endured debates that call for multiculturalism to be abandoned because it is seen as divisive and detrimental to Australia. Nothing is further from the truth.