I congratulated the Tullamarine Men’s Shed in my electorate of Calwell, on the opening of their new and upgraded facilities, which are vital in my electorate in Parliament.

The Shed received funding from multiple partnerships, so I want to thank Hume City Council, Josh Bull the State MP for Sunbury with the Victorian Labor Government, and the Federal Government for making this long-sought upgrade possible. 

It is now 45 years since the division of Cyprus -   its Capitol Nicosia the last remaining divided Capital City and in the 45 years, the reunification of Cyprus, is still an outstanding issue.

Commemorative events marking the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey on July 20th 1974 were held across Cyprus and across its diaspora, including Australia. 

 It was with great pleasure I was given the opportunity to second the nomination of the Member for Casey, Tony Smith, as Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 46th Parliament. I had the opportunity to work with the Member for Casey as a Member of the Speaker’s Panel in the 45th Parliament and it was clear to us that he was determined to ensure that the integrity of the office of Speaker, and indeed the integrity and dignity of the House of Representatives chamber was upheld at all times.

As the Federal Member for Calwell, I gave big shout out to my wonderful culturally diverse community, and to Victoria's most multicultural electorate Calwell in Federal Parliament. 

For my community of Calwell - those of Muslim faith and indeed those of the significant Pacific Island and New Zealand Maori community - the massacre in Christchurch of 50 innocent people, while at prayer at the Al Noor Mosque and at the Linwood Mosque on Friday 15 March, was terrifying. The shock and disbelief they felt was heart wrenching.


It was my pleasure to speak at the launch of Harmony Votes: Active & Equal - an initiative of Harmony Alliance, encouraging women from migrant and refugee backgrounds to be active citizens and to harness the power of their votes.

I spoke in Parliament on the Report of the inquiry into efficacy of current regulation of Australian migration and education agents as the Deputy Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration.

This was a wide-ranging inquiry. It was also a timely inquiry, because it's always a good thing for the parliament to review the operations and the actions of migration agents. Generally, most of us as members of parliament will receive many complaints from our constituents about all sorts of things, but one of the more common complaints from constituents is around the negative experiences they've encountered at the hands of migration agents.

Thank you to the Dallas Neighbourhood House in Broadmeadows who do a great job in helping those in need.

I spoke in Parliament about their Food Parcel Program which I visited earlier this month. While making, and handing out the parcels I got a chance to talk to my constituents about the difficulties they are experiencing and they also expressed their deep appreciation for the Food Parcel Program which they and their families rely on on a weekly basis.