On March 24, World Tuberculosis Day was commemorated, and the theme of this year's World Tuberculosis Day is 'Wanted: leaders for a TB-free world'. This will of course allow for a focus on building an international commitment to end TB.

I joined hundreds of Iraqi parishioners in recognising the efforts of the young Iraqi students as a special service led by Father Maher Gurges at St Georges Chaldean Catholic Church in Campbellfield. There, Father Maher told the faithful “we are producing a new generation of doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers here in our new homeland”.


The Iraqi community has settled in well in our local community and are busy building lives and nurturing the next generation of Australians of Iraqi heritage.

As the Deputy Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration, I was pleased to give this speech in Federal Parliament about the findings and recommendations of the inquiry into settlements services in Australia.

In the grievance debate, I raised the concerns of my constituents in the House about the impact of the NDIS as it's rolled out across the country to the hundreds of thousands of Australians with disabilities.

I welcomed His Grace Mar Benyamin Elya, Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria and NZ to the Assyrian community in Victoria and Calwell in my speech in Federal Parliament.

 I spoke in parliament in support of the 30th general conference of UNESCO's proclaimed annual observance of International Mother Language Day on 21 February.


My speech on the Migration Report 'No one teaches you to become an Australian'.

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration, of which I am Deputy Chair, conducted an inquiry into and reported on migrant settlement outcomes in Australia.

I was grateful for the opportunity to speak on this very important motion which seeks to raise the ongoing humanitarian crisis of the Rohingyas as they remain displaced in camps on the Bangladesh boarder.  There are an estimated 850,000 refugees - men, women and children with over half a million arriving since August last year.