I moved a motion in Parliament acknowledging the progress made toward peace and reunification in Cyprus. I also congratulated Yalcin Adal and Stavros Protz (Tzortzis) with their grass-work action.


It was with tragic irony that I chose to speak about a local, youth-led community group in my electorate known as GPAN on the same day and time as tens of thousands of Australians were holding vigils for Eurydice Dixon.

GPAN - Good People Act Now work to tackle gender related and domestic violence issues.

I raised the concerns my constituents have with the Government's budget, and budgets of the past in Parliament.

This Budget fails my community; it fails the fairness test; it fails middle Australia and if fails the most vulnerable in my community. Most importantly, it fails Calwell.

My constituent Wendy Dyckhoff was the victim of awful childhood abuse while growing up in a number of different institutions in Victoria. Now, she's a hard working advocate for the local forgotten Australians - a wonderful woman who always gives to us and our community despite her own personal grief and experiences.

I spoke in Parliament on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, known to the Palestinians as the day of catastrophe, which refers to the uprooting and expulsion of some 750,000 Palestinian refugees from their normal place of residence in Palestine during the period from 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948. 

In March this year, the NDIS began rolling out in my electorate, giving my constituents the long awaited opportunity to finally access the scheme. They will join Thousands of others across the north western region of Melbourne who will be required to submit their care packages for approval, for some however already engaged in that process, it is already proving a source of anxiety and frustration.

I was delighted to announce the following grants for local community groups under Round 3 of the Federal Stronger Communities Programme to my Calwell community groups and to formally acknowledge the ten recipients of this grant, and pay tribute to the important work they do in Calwell in building, developing and fostering strong communities in my speech in Parliament.

On 8 March, I celebrated International Women's Day with a wonderful group of women in my electorate. It was held at the Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, who also co-hosted the event with the Roxburgh Park Football Club.