I join with my colleague the member for McPherson to respectfully urge the Prime Minister to consider attending the UN summit later this month, which is aimed at reviewing the Millennium Development Goals. I also express my support for the motion of the member for Macquarie.
This evening I would like to bring to the attention of the House a public meeting that I attended last Sunday in my electorate of Calwell regarding the government’s decision to build a new detention facility. The meeting was attended by a great number of local residents who are very concerned and opposed to this facility being built in Broadmeadows.
I rise today to express my deep disappointment at the recent announcement of further job losses at Autoliv, an automotive components company in Campbellfield in my electorate.
It is a great honour to be speaking today on his Holiness Pope John Paul II. Some 57 per cent of my electorate observes the Catholic faith and I know that the life and work of Pope John Paul II meant a lot to them.
As of February this year there were 6,550 temporary protection visa and temporary humanitarian visa holders in Australia. The majority, some 3,980, are from Iraq, followed by 1,853 from Afghanistan. And there are about 800 TPV cases still waiting for a primary decision to be made.
I am very pleased to speak to the report on workplace participation. I was Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Work Force Participation during the 40th Parliament but, unfortunately, the federal election was called while the draft report was being considered.
Today I rise to speak about Drug Action Week, which is being held across Australia next week. Like many parents, and indeed many of us here, I am concerned about the harmful effects drugs can have on our children, particularly on young children.
I rise tonight to pay my respects to one of my constituents, an elder of the Gunung-Willam-Balluk clan, Norman Hunter, who passed away on 16 May at the age of 61, after a long illness.