I just want to reassure my colleague the member for Stirling that there is nothing simple about the Migration Amendment (Designated Unauthorised Arrivals) Bill 2006. It quite simply is a very unfair and extreme bill that seeks to radically change the way we process refugees and asylum seekers in this country.

On Tuesday one of my constituents, Mrs Karen Palmer, sat in the public gallery during question time as questions about her unfair dismissal from her job were put by the Leader of the Opposition to the Prime Minister. In his response to the Leader of the Opposition the Prime Minister stated:
Before I continue the remarks I was making when I addressed this place in the last sitting week on the appropriation bills, I take this opportunity, on behalf of my soccer-crazy electorate, to congratulate the Socceroos on their 3-1 victory against Japan this morning, and wish them luck.
Can I start by thanking the member for Canning for his gracious and diligent observance of the clock so as to give me an opportunity to have some say today on the effects of the federal budget on my electorate. I have listened to a number of government speakers in particular talk about the budget and, as is to be expected, government members like the Treasurer and the Prime Minister hail the budget with great aplomb and excitement.
As part of my electorate’s ongoing campaign to procure funding from the federal government for urgently needed upgrading to sections of the Calder Highway, I want to present a further petition from 572 petitioners calling on the government to address this very pressing issue.


On 28 March this year I rose to speak in this place about a massive reduction in the after-hours GP services at the Dianella Community Health Centre in my electorate of Calwell.


I am pleased to speak in the debate on the Cancer Australia Bill 2006. It pertains to an issue of great public importance not only to my electorate of Calwell but also to the broader Australian community.