My speech on the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Bill 2018

My constituent Wendy Dyckhoff was the victim of awful childhood abuse while growing up in a number of different institutions in Victoria. Now, she's a hard working advocate for the local forgotten Australians - a wonderful woman who always gives to us and our community despite her own personal grief and experiences.

On behalf of those forgotten Australians in my electorate, almost all who suffered varying degrees of child sexual abuse, I acknowledge the important work that the Royal Commission has undertaken. I acknowledge how valuable the process has been by giving time, space and serious attention to the many horrific stories that these victims of abuse and their families have been able to tell.


On Wendy's behalf, along with all the other forgotten Australians of Calwell who have put their faith in the Royal Commission and their hopes in a National Redress Scheme, that I urge the Government to address Labor's concerns about this bill. So many people have invested their hopes in this outcome. It is important that we do not let them down. It is important that we get the redress scheme right.