My speech in Parliament on Monmia Primary School in my electorate of Calwell - 14 February, 2017


in 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the Monmia Primary School back to school assembly. And even though I couldn't attend yesterday's assembly because I am in Canberra, I still spoke about the school in a speech I gave in Parliament.

Monmia Primary School, in my electorate, is an example of what can be achieved with a small but significant amount of extra resources.

With some additional equity funding over the past four years, Monmia Primary school has been able to in an innovative coaching program for literacy and numeracy teaching. They have been able to release teachers from the classroom to train and then coach their colleagues in best practice teaching of reading, writing, and maths.

That is why the Australian Labor Party is so passionate about defending and promoting the funding model known as ‘Gonski’. This is why we will continually highlight the negative impact of this Government’s lack of commitment to our schools through its failure to deliver on the Gonski reforms.

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