My speech in Parliament on the schools in my electorate of Calwell - 8 February, 2017

I spoke in parliament about the wonderful schools in my electorate of Calwell; the compassionate communities that foster the schools and our determined and courageous students. 

I have about 60 schools - both primary and secondary and a fair mix of government and non-government schools - doing a great job in meeting the needs of our students in providing a diversity of choice for students and their families. 

They are schools that cater to a culturally and socio-economically diverse community and I am proud of each and every one of them. I am particularly proud of the school communities who are facing significant issues and additional challenges associated with the influx of refugees settling in Calwell.

Education is a priority for me as a Federal Member and for Labor because we believe getting a great education is the ticket to a lifetime of opportunity. Labor introduced the Gonski reforms in order to ensure that young people in my electorate are not denied their rights to a lifetime of opportunity.

And Labor will continue to fight for these reforms and to protect the students’ rights to an education. 

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