Budget of unfair cuts,statement, 23 Oct 2014

The recent report by the University of Canberra's National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling details the impact of the federal budget on electorates across the country. The report has finally exposed beyond doubt this government's real intentions and twisted priorities and lack of commitment to the overall welfare of the Australian community. Through its budget of broken promises and unfair cuts, this government is hurting my constituents the most, putting families under pressure, pensioners under pressure and young people under pressure. Calwell is the most adversely affected seat in Victoria and in the top 16 most affected nationally.

As a fair-minded Australian representing one of the most socioeconomically disadvantaged electorates in Australia, I am appalled that this budget offers little hope and encouragement to my constituents but rather dishes out plenty of blame and lots of punishment. My constituents are among those who can afford it least and they should not have to prop up those who can afford it most. I am not on a whinge fest, nor am I peddling class envy. I am simply pointing out an obvious discrepancy in the impact of the federal budget that goes to the core of this government's value system—slug the poor and let the wealthy off the hook. It is no coincidence that,  when you compare the results of the NATSEM report, it shows that 15 of the 16 most affected seats are safe Labor seats. Compare that to the other least affected seats, which are coalition seats, and one needs say no more.