"There are many working men and women in my electorate who rely on the manufacturing sector for their livelihoods. As companies move their operations overseas, more and more of them are losing their jobs." Ms Vamvakinou said.

Carers Week - 15-21 October

There is an estimated 2.6 million carers in Australia. Carers are usually family members who provide support to children or adults who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition or who are frail aged.

Maria Vamvakinou supports calls by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon.


Maria Vamvakinou MP stated today: “Like many Australians, I am deeply disturbed by the images of destruction in Lebanon, and by the sheer scale of human suffering that is being inflicted upon its civilian population.”

Local residents struggling to make ends meet.

ABS figures released today reveal that Australian households now owe 1 trillion dollars in personal debt. This amounts to an average of $125,000 per household, meaning that personal debt levels have doubled in the last 5 years.

Recent survey’s conducted by leading Breast Cancer researchers have found many women from non-English speaking backgrounds do not have easy access to the most up-to-date information about the disease.

The studies have also discovered some women form certain cultural backgrounds harbour misconceptions about Breast Cancer.

Re: EPA decision to grant a works approval to BIS Cleanaway to establish an oily leachate facility at the Tullamarine Landfill

"Like many in the local community, I am disappointed by the EPA's decision to grant a works approval to BIS Cleanaway to establish an oily leachate handling facility at the Tullamarine Cleanaway Waste Dump" Maria Vamvakinou stated today.

Maria Vamvakinou, Federal Member for Calwell, will address a public meeting on Thursday, 24 October 2005.

The meeting will allow local residents to be better informed about the Howard Governments proposed Industrial Relations changes and learn how the community can fight back.

In a citizenship discussion paper released last Sunday, the Parliamentary Secretary of Immigration Andrew Robb has proposed that new migrants to Australia should be required to know Australia's history, culture and values, as well as English before being granted citizenship.