Celebrating the women of Calwell

In Calwell, we do things that make sense to our community. And this year's International Women's Day is no different. In 2018, I will be co-hosting a morning tea with the Good Samaritan Primary School and Roxburgh Park Football Club which will celebrate the newly arrived migrants and refugee women who have settled in the area; pay tribute to the migrant women who have mentored the women into the community and recognise the tireless efforts of community workers in welcoming these women and their families to their new home. 

It will be a celebration of the cultural diversity of women in Calwell.

I've chosen to co-host the morning tea with the school and football club due to the important work they both do in the areas of settlement and creating harmonious communities in the electorate of Calwell, and in turn in creating a safe, happy and healthy Victoria.

Led by principal Paul Sedunary, the Good Samaritan PS understands the powerful and critical role it plays in supporting the settlement of children and families from refugee backgrounds, and has taken it upon themselves to assist in providing and finding for them the services that they so desperately need.

"At Good Samaritan we are inspired by the old proverb 'it takes a village to raise a child'. It reflects our commitment to working with and for our community. To every family we welcome into our school, our village, we make a commitment - a promise if you will - we commit to partnering with the family to do everything we can do to help them raise their children," said Mr Sedunary.

Roxburgh Park Football Club were recently awarded the Victorian Good Sports Club award for the inclusive programs they have created to ensure the most disadvantaged in the Calwell community - including the newly arrived migrants, refugees, the elderly and disabled members - keep active, stay healthy and positive and are welcomed to the community through sport. Committee Member Trevor Gladman believes ‘inclusive’ is the Good Sports value that shines through brightest at the club, saying it welcomes refugees into their community and supports people with disabilities.

On the day, the women will be given greeting cards from the Museum of Australian Democracy's latest exhibition 'The Gift: Art, Artefacts & Arrivals' and they will be given the opportunity to write a message of hope to the new migrants who will soon call Australia home, giving Calwell's newly arrived migrants and refugees a powerful voice in their new country. 

I want to thank also the generosity of Calwell business Naturally Good Products who will donate Munchly Muesli Cookies on the day for all of us to enjoy and all the partners in ensuring the 2018 Calwell International Women's Day is the best one yet!

International Women's Day: 

Date: Thursday 8 March

Time: 10am-11am Where: Main Hall, Good Samaritan Primary School, 1-29 Southern Cross Dr, Roxburgh Park 

RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 9367 5216


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