Building a jobs plan for Melbourne's North

Today in Broadmeadows, the Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Brendan O’Connor, joined Maria Vamvakinou, Member for Calwell, and Julian Hill, Member for Bruce and member of the Australian Jobs Taskforce, at a local jobs forum to talk about job creation across the region.

Brendan O’Connor said key issues such as unemployment was significant across the region, and a key focus for the day was on jobs, education and training, penalty rates, and underemployment.

Above: Maria Vamvakinou MP speaks at the Calwell Jobs Forum with Julian Hill MP, and Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Brendan O’Connor.

“From today, we can see unemployment and underemployment for all ages is a significant issue across the electorate of Calwell, with the unemployment rate for Calwell remaining higher than both the state and national rates for the past six years,” said Mr O’Connor.

“Manufacturing closures have impacted job creation and opportunities in the North of Melbourne.” Maria Vamvakinou, Member for Calwell said she is deeply concerned about young people in the area, who are trying to get by without secure employment.

"We are seeing low numbers of youth enrolled in vocational or higher education compared to other electorates in Victoria and a lack of support for the transition from education to employment,” said Ms Vamvakinou.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s only jobs plan is to keep his own job. It’s time he spent as much time fighting for Australian jobs as he does for himself,” she said Julian Hill, Member for Bruce and member of the Australian Jobs Taskforce said education needs to sit hand in hand with job creation, to ensure we’re future proofing the next generation for the evolving job market.

“You can’t have a workforce and flourishing industry without skilled workers,” said Mr Hill.

“Malcolm Turnbull has gutted TAFEs and slashed billions in funding from our schools.” “This is setting up areas to fail. We’ve got widespread issues with inequality across Australia, and if we’ve got people who are unemployed because they can’t get the skills they need, the Government has a lot to answer for.”

L-R: Cr Joseph Haweil; Julian Hill MP, Member for Bruce; Maria Vamvakinou MP, Member for Calwell, Cr Jana Taylor; Cr Karen Sherry; and Brendan O'Connor, Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Brendan O’Connor