Qantas Workers and the status of Airline Partners Australia's bid for Qantas

"Confusion over whether Airline Partners Australia's bid for Qantas has failed or not is an additional and unnecessary burden that Qantas workers should not have to carry" Ms Vamvakinou said.

"For the sake of Qantas workers who are worried about the future of their jobs, the confusion surrounding the status of Airline Partners Australia's bid needs to be resolved now."

"Airline Partners Australia failed to meet the midnight deadline set for it to attract fifty per cent of Qantas shares. As a result, Airline Partners Australia's bid was officially declared dead."

"Qantas workers have every right to feel frustrated and even cynical about the confusion that has since followed."

"Recent suggestions by Airline Partners Australia that it will now try to exploit a possible loophole it has found in its bidder's statement long after the official deadline has past, certainly doesn't help to inspire confidence in a bid that Qantas workers didn't trust from the beginning."

"The key problem with Airline Partners Australia's bid for Qantas has always been its failure to provide any concrete guarantees that existing Qantas staff would not lose their jobs or see their award conditions disappear."

"Airline Partners Australia also failed to win over the majority of Australian shareholders who own shares in Qantas. It was unable to convince Australian shareholders that its proposal was either in the best interests of Qantas or Qantas staff."

"The failure of Airline Partners Australia to win over Australian shareholders in part shows that Australian's simply won't support measures that put Australian jobs in jeopardy."

Contact: Alex Kouttab