Maria Vamvakinou MP

Your Federal Member for Calwell



Maria Vamvakinou MP, Federal Member for Calwell, welcomed Dr Bhagyaji and his delegation to her Parliamentary office in Canberra this month where they discussed the importance of spirituality and healing as a means to combat issues around mental health.

Above: Dr Bhagyaji (third from left) with Maria Vamvakinou MP, fourth from left. 

At their meeting, Dr Bhagyaji and Ms Vamvakinou MP talked about the importance of spiritual health in creating a well-balanced emotional and physical state. Dr Bhagyaji added that a peaceful spirituality can lead to enriching and fulfilled lives for all Australians.

Dr Bhagyaji was in Canberra to attend the official launch of the National Mental Health Awareness campaign at Parliament House where he was guest speaker. The launch, organised by Mental Health Foundation Australia, aimed to raise awareness of the need for spirituality when dealing with mental health.

In his address to Parliament, Dr Bhagyaji said: “We live in a very fast paced world today. We live in a place where I could be in the middle of a sea of people. and yet feel lonely. I live in a place where striving for excellence in every field has made this world very competitive. It’s so competitive that it’s not just about how good I am, it’s all about how much better I am than the rest of the pack. That’s the reality; that’s how the world is going today. While on one hand we strive to unite, there are many things that are happening that attempt to divide us.

“We are in this flux, and that has led to the buzz word today, which is ‘stress’. And as my spiritual Guru would put it, the key thing to do in order to relieve stress, is to find that inner peace, that mental wellbeing. He would always say, ‘The mind is the key because wellbeing is not something that is limited to physical and intellectual wellbeing. We gain knowledge all the time and we keep ourselves physically fit, but that’s where it ends: most of the time we miss out on this third most important aspect that defines us humans. It is the mind that in fact defines us, and mental wellbeing is the key, if we truly wish to lead lives, that define love, peace, and happiness.”

Ms Vamvakinou looks forward to working with Dr Bhagyaji further to increase awareness on the importance of spiritual self in enhancing mental well-being.

ABOVE: Dr Bhagyaji (left) with Maria Vamvakinou MP (right). 

31 October, 2019

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