Maria Vamvakinou MP

Your Federal Member for Calwell



Labor does not support the Coalition Government's cruel cuts that will hurt pensioners, especially migrant pensioners.

This Government wants to punish them and rip over $185 million from the pockets of Australian pensioners. It wants to do this by increasing the pension residency period from 10-15 years, and cutting the pension supplement after six weeks overseas.

Migrant pensioners have worked hard in Australia, built a life and a family here, they should be able to get the pension. They should be able to go overseas and visit family and enjoy themselves without fear of having their pension supplement cut after six weeks overseas.

This cut disproportionately impacts migrant pensioners.

Making people wait longer to get the pension will only force some older Australians to go without, struggle or live in poverty.

Pensioners won't be fooled by this Government who have tried to cut their pension in every budget. And they've tried for the past five years to increase the pension age to 70, including in the three budget where the current Prime Minister had the job of treasurer.