I thank Maria for inviting me to speak about the career of my father, the late Rt Hon Arthur A. Calwell, after whom this Federal Electorate is named. Because of the amazing level of misrepresentation of him and some contemporaries I trust you will agree that it is important to mention relevant facts. Image
Government cuts to Community Settlement Services Scheme funding

My grievance this afternoon is about the recent round of Community Settlement Services Scheme funding for 2004-05 and, in particular, the shock defunding of two organisations, the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women's Coalition and the Victorian Arabic Social Services.

Maria call on Government to abolish tyre material import tax levy

Last Friday I visited the South Pacific tyre factory in my electorate and had discussions with management as well as representatives from the Australian Tyre Manufacturers Association about the issues facing Australia's tyre industry.

Will the AUSFTA be in Australia's national interest?

I am one of the millions of Australians who have not yet managed to read the 1,100 pages of the document known as the proposed free trade agreement.

RIP 1943 - 2003

In public life we come across people from all walks of life, many of whom in their own unique and particular way leave a lasting impression on us and on the community that they choose to serve.

Sunbury's own radio station

This coming Saturday I will be attending a very special function in my electorate of Calwell. One of our community radio stations—and I am pleased to say that in Calwell we have three community radio stations—Bulla FM will be rebadged and relaunched as community radio 3NRG at its new premises, the Derek Rigby Room at the Sunbury Campus of Victoria University.

Maria speaks on the Human Tragedy effecting young people

Youth suicide is a human tragedy affecting thousands of Australian families and communities every year. I know this because suicide has touched my life on three occasions—once as a university undergraduate and twice in the last year.

Maria speeks on the community pride in Broadmeadows

I want to speak today about the strong sense of pride that is steadily building around the working class suburb of Broadmeadows—or `Broady', as it is affectionately known locally—a suburb at the centre of the city of Hume in my electorate of Calwell.