Maria speeks on Poverty in the Calwell community

I think the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs has a serious case of denial when it comes to the issue of poverty. What we have to understand is that poverty is not an issue that affects Third World countries only.

Community fight inappropriate location of planned mobile phone tower

With the bill to sell off Telstra—the Telstra (Transition to Full Private Ownership) Bill 2003—currently being debated in the chamber it is perhaps timely for me to raise a local issue for my electorate of Calwell. It concerns Telstra's proposal to build a 30-metre mobile tower in Ardlie Street within the Attwood Estate.

Maria exposes Howard's

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the member for Burke, who has left the chamber, on the speech he made on his grievance and to say that my grievance is also about the emerging controversy regarding Australia's involvement in the war.

Maria condemns the sale of Maygar Barracks

I want to talk about a local campaign soon to be initiated in my electorate of Calwell regarding a decision by this government to sell the historic Maygar Barracks site in Camp Road, Broadmeadows.

Maria condemns Iraq War on the eve of the invasion

Never is there a more critical passage for a nation than when its leaders make a decision to go to war.

Maria speeks on the issue of youth suicide and depression

I thank the parliament for the opportunity to discuss this difficult and challenging matter of juvenile depression and youth suicide. As a parent it is an issue that I feel strongly about, and as a politician I feel it is my responsibility to say something about youth suicide because as policy and decision makers we have the capacity and the responsibility to do something about it.

Maria speeks on the Federation Arch proposal

This evening, I would like to speak about an important event which is unfolding in my electorate of Calwell. A few weeks ago I wrote to the mayor of the city of Hume, which falls within my electorate of Calwell, proposing that we bid for the acquisition of Melbourne's Centenary of Federation Arch.

Maria demands funding for Breast Prostheses

I would like to note the passing of the great Australian playwright and poet, Dorothy Hewitt, who died of breast cancer on the weekend. Breast cancer affects one in 10 Australian women.