Congratulations to Kevin O’Callaghan, President of The Craigieburn War Memorial & Remembrance Committee Inc, for all his hard work in launching the book and DVD ‘Craigieburn Remembers: The History of the Establishment and Dedication of the Craigieburn War Memorial ANZAC Park’ last month.

It is senseless to talk about job creation and economic settings as a social policy success story, when the impact on real Australian lives varies markedly from region to region.  Like so many of this government’s policies, the impact is one of inequity - and a growing divide in our society between those who are doing well, and those who are struggling to retain a basic quality of life and independence.

This Government claims to have created 1,000,000 jobs since they took government in 2013, yet these jobs don’t seem to be finding their way to my electorate. These jobs don’t seem to make their way to the job network providers who are looking for work for the unemployed in Calwell, and these jobs are certainly not making their way to my constituents. 



Labor has a strong and proud record in delivering long-term mental health reform – a record I look forward to seeing continue under a Shorten Labor Government.

I was pleased to speak with my other Labor colleagues - Sharon Claydon MP, Matt Keogh MP and Joanne Ryan MP - on the Government's decision to give big business an $80 billion handout while cutting schools and hospitals.



I spoke in Parliament on the wonderful John Patsikatheodorou.  John was a close friend of 40 years, and a dedicated activist.



I was happy to congratulate my constituent Jessica Camilleri on being nominated for the Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award from the Victorian Government’s Victorian Young Achiever Awards.

I moved a motion in Parliament acknowledging the progress made toward peace and reunification in Cyprus. I also congratulated Yalcin Adal and Stavros Protz (Tzortzis) with their grass-work action.


It was with tragic irony that I chose to speak about a local, youth-led community group in my electorate known as GPAN on the same day and time as tens of thousands of Australians were holding vigils for Eurydice Dixon.

GPAN - Good People Act Now work to tackle gender related and domestic violence issues.