My speech on TPP-II - Monday 15 October, 2018

When I spoke on the original TPP in Parliament in February 2016, I raised the concerns that were also being raised by members of the Australian community - suggesting that the TPP would have negative impacts on our national interests in the area of labour market testing and also in undermining our sovereignty. I said then that, the Australian people expect our Free Trade Agreements to create job opportunities for them, so that they too can share in the prosperity promised.

But they do not want a free trade deal that denies them job opportunities as does TPP-II because it abolishes labour market testing and carries no enforceable protection for labour rights and workers and they certainly do not want a free trade deal that undermines our sovereignty and our democratic process – by allowing corporations to by-pass national courts and sue governments and restrict government regulation of essential services

Unfortunately, this government is unconcerned about these important issues and this PMM is silent on this.

In contrast, a future Labor government would not sign new agreements with such provisions and would seek to remove ISDS clauses from the TPP-11 by negotiating side letters with other nations as the New Zealand Labour government has been successful at doing;

I stand with Labor and support efforts to ratify the TPP-11 and its contribution to the Australian economy, but only with important changes that Labor commits to make will the agreement be best for Australia.