My speech in Parliament on Home Care Packages - 20 August, 2018

I spoke in Parliament on the waiting times for our elderly Australians to access the Home Care Packages Program.  This waitlist hurts elderly Australians, but it is especially hurts the 16,312 Australians in my electorate aged 65 an over.

Our ageing population in Calwell come from Italian, Maltese, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Iraqi, and Lebanese backgrounds - just to name a few. 

They are the first generation migrants of the post second world war 2 era and they have and are reaching their twilight years.

These Australians need a culturally nuanced approach to aged care, one that emulates and responds to their expectations and aspirations of their own family caring for them in their old age.   

They want to live out their final days in the home they built and raised their families in with nursing home care, or aged care, as a last resort  and that’s why Home Care Packages are so important to my constituents.