Federal Labor will develop a national curriculum for all Australian schools to improve the education for our children in the basic learning areas of maths, the sciences, English and history.

At present, there is no standard curriculum in Australia - meaning students in each state are pursuing different syllabuses and materials.

“22 March is World Water Day, and this year’s theme for World Water Day - 'Coping with Water Scarcity' – has particular resonance for Australia” Ms Vamvakinou said.

“Like many other Australians, residents living in Calwell confront severe water shortages and severe water restrictions. Urban water use and water supply has become a national crisis in Australia.”

In March, International Women’s Day is celebrated in Australia and many other parts of the world (8 March).

In essence, it celebrates the many achievements of women over the years, and remembers the countless women who have fought for the right to participate in society on an equal footing with men.

12 months have passed since the Howard government introduced its unfair IR laws.

Whilst the Prime Minister John Howard is publicly singing the praises of WorkChoices a year since it was introduced, many Australian’s have either been adversely affected, or know of someone who has been affected, by these laws.

“Calwell is an electorate that is heavily reliant on Australia’s automotive industry for local jobs, and on the health of Australia’s manufacturing sector in general” Ms Vamvakinou said.

“Over the last decade, Australia’s car industry has largely been left to fend for itself against an increasingly competitive global market.”

“Reversing the effects of climate change is one of the greatest challenges we now face as a nation” Ms Vamvakinou said.

“A number of local residents living in Calwell have written to me expressing their concerns over climate change, water shortages, and the lack of federal government leadership or action in these areas” Ms Vamvakinou said.

“The internet has become a central part of modern life in Australia, and it will continue to play a key role in Australia’s future development” Ms Vamvakinou said.

"Australia is currently 25th in the world in terms of available internet bandwidth. We need to improve this."

"Easter is a time when Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus and reflect upon the example he has set through his own life and sacrifice" Ms Vamvakinou said.

"The church plays an important role in Australia in bringing different communities of faith together, and in helping to uphold the social, moral and spiritual fabric of Australian society."