“I want to warmly congratulate all those VCE students living in Calwell who successfully gained entry into university during first round offers earlier this week” Ms Vamvakinou said.

“Both their families and the local community are no doubt very proud of their achievements.”

Ford's announced today that it will cut 640 jobs before Xmas

"Today's announcement by Ford that it will be cutting 640 jobs before Xmas is deeply disappointing" Ms Vamvakinou said today.

"In addition to its plant in Geelong, Ford also has a large factory located in my own electorate of Calwell."

Sales of Australian Cars slumped by almost 20 percent in 2006 according to figures recently released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

Imported cars now account for approximately 80% of all car sales in Australia.

Threat to free-to-air sports - Imagine having to pay to watch the Melbourne Cup.

In Parliament today, Maria Vamvakinou defended Australia's current anti-siphoning laws and free-to-air sports coverage.

Introduced in 1992 under a Labor government, Australia's anti-siphoning regime is designed to prevent certain events, traditionally shown on free-to-air television, from being siphoned-off to pay TV stations.

On Monday morning (4/12) Kevin Rudd was elected as the new leader of the federal Labor party.

"Kevin brings new ideas and a new style of leadership to the party" Ms Vamvakinou said.

“He replaces Kim Beazley, whose years of leadership and dedication to the Australian Labor Party have been tremedously important.”

No to the sale of Medibank Private

Prime Minister John Howard has vowed to sell Medibank Private should he win government after the next election.

"I am opposed to the sale of Medibank Private, and I know that the majority of Australians are against the sale of Medibank Private, with good reason," Ms Maria Vamvakinou said.

The Victorian State Government's announcement today that it will build a station at Coolaroo

"I welcome the state government's announcement today that it will build a new railway station at Coolaroo should it be elected for a third term in government" Ms Vamvakinou said.

According to recently released Senate Estimates figures, students living in the electorate of Calwell owe a staggering $58,485,444.25 in HECS debt.

"This figure highlights the extent to which Australian students are being made to foot the bill for an education system that continues to face chronic under funding under the Howard government" Ms Vamvakinou said.